Our Eagles are proud that they had to earn the right to be a real Eagle, a Troop 125 Eagle. Unlike many troops that have a force fed mandatory advancement culture where ranks are essentially given not earned; our Eagles must take initiative and personal ownership over their advancement by seeking out opportunities to learn, study, master, demonstrate and often teach the required skills before obtaining a signature for merit badge or rank advancement.

In 125 the coveted rank of Eagle is more than a patch on a uniform or a resume enhancement, it's a way of life. It's earned not given, which is why we may not have the most Eagles, but we definitely have the best.

125 eagles nest


as  of  1984*


Ned Wolbert                        Alex Perotti

Eric Bougerie                       Darren Davis

Shawn Hanna                      Mike Maloney

David Smith                        Maverick Lewis

Gary Varane                        David Ryan

Paul Watkins                       Matt Coxon

Paul Ronchelli                      Henry Lyon

Greg Cote                           Nic Warner

Edward Pizzini                     Robert Daine

Eddie Russell                       Kurt Thorson

Tom Rathbun                      Zak Kronick

Cullen Ramos                      Austin Davis

Jared Shipley                      Jeffery Tomasi

Curt Sather                         Patrick Daly

Corey Young                       Steven Diez

Jonathan Buser                   Mac Booth

Ryan Calvi                          James McCoy

Noah Ashton                       Ryder DeSalvo

Colin Young

Sterling Monksgard

Dan Flores

Joab Ashton

Jason McFarlin

Kevin Loucks

Daniel Zimmer

Geoff Demitz

Ryan Terschuren

Andrew Calvi

Aaron Schmidt




Once an Eagle, always an Eagle. Pride in 125!