how to join troop 125



Whether you are transitioning from Cub Scouts, another Troop, or starting your Scouting career fresh, we may be the perfect fit for you! 
If you would like to know more, 

follow steps 1-2-5 below. 

1) attend a troop meeting


Meetings are every Tuesday from 7-9 pm. We meet at our "Scout Hut" at 125 Schurman Dr. in Santa Rosa (During the school year we meet in the cafeteria at Santa Rosa Middle School at 500 E St - Enter on 5th Street). During your first visit you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our program by participating in the meeting and activities as if you were an active member. Meanwhile, your parents/guardians will watch and get a feel for the program and personality of the troop and direct their questions to our friendly and knowledgeable adult leaders



2) Attend an additional troop meeting


Every meeting is different so see what we do! During this visit we encourage you to participate again while the Assistant Scout Masters can answer additional questions about our membership standards and expectations. 



5) decide to join


Obtain these forms at a meeting (or below) and fill them out.


-Troop Medical Release 


-Troop Program Consent


-BSA Registration form (Carbon Copy available in person)


-Pay Troop Dues, $100 annually 


When you are ready to join turn these in at a troop meeting. After final approval by the Scout Master the scout will attend a "Signing Ceremony". Congratulations!, you are now officially 125! 







707.545.4396 (Scout Hut) | 707.526.9960 (Scoutmaster) |