shawn   hanna


TROOP 125 SCOUTMASTER since 1990






I joined scouts in 1980 but by the time I was 15 my original troop dissolved so I transferred to Troop 125 and i’ve been here ever since.


I got Eagle in 1988, was an ASM for a couple years and on August 1st 1990 I accepted the position of Scoutmaster. I became Scoutmaster because the Troop needed a leader who would commit to be there and understood our core values. I initially committed to 5 years but by that time, Scouts was so integrated into my life, and I enjoyed it so much, I found no reason to leave. I love to train, guide, and motivate the guys to succeed. As the leader of our troop my primary responsibility is to provide for the health and safety of our members and to prepare them for life using the methods and aims of Scouting. As Scoutmaster I do a lot of the behind the scenes work with my fellow adult leaders, however, we firmly believe that the scouts, not the adults, should lead their troop. We guide their decisions and do our best to support their goals. Watching them succeed is truly one of the coolest things I’ve experienced.


Outside of Scouts I’m an active outdoorsman. I like to bike ride, fish and hike. I’ve been a multi sport athlete both on the high school and collegiate level, and continue to remain active and competitive in my adult life. Ultimately, I really do look at myself as a big kid with adult responsibilities.


My father was a contractor so I had a knack for construction and became a remodel specialist. Eventually, I helped manage and maintain a residential care home for the elderly. However, when the Hurricane Katrina Disaster struck I felt compelled to help and volunteered my services through the Red Cross. That experience reinforced my passion for helping others in need, and from then on I pursued a career in Emergency Medical Services. I’m currently an Emergency Medical Technician and Field Training Officer for a local ambulance company.


Ultimately, I’m very proud of everything T.125 stands for and I will continue to support and protect the honor, traditions, and integrity of the Troop 125 family. 


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