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t.125 venture crew


The Troop 125 Venture Crew is a hybrid version of BSA's traditional Venture and Varsity Scouting programs. Our crew is made up of current and active T.125 (and other Troop) Scouts age 14-17. Our crew is distinguished on their uniform by orange epaulettes, the venture strip, the 125 flag of valor and the Venture V and activity pins. Ultimately our crew consists of the older more experienced scouts with a goal of learning more advanced scout skills and wilderness survival techniques and participate in more high adventure activities and adventures.

vc joining requirements


14 years old

Have the First Class Scout Rank

Be an Active member of a troop.

Memorize and Understand the Outdoor Code

Obtain approval by the VC ASM

vC "oath of honor"


As a Venture of Troop 125

I will work to the best of my ability

towards the benefit of the crew. 

I understand and agree to live by the Scout 

Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan and Outdoor Code.

The Few, The Proud

Whatever It Takes


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next outing:


Cache Creek, June 25, 2017

5o miler:


Not Available for 2017


707.545.4396 (Scout Hut) | 707.526.9960 (Scoutmaster) |