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Who We Are...

Troop 125 is located in Santa Rosa, California. We were established in 1953 when a group of neighbors decided to start a local Boy Scout Troop to service the youth in the area. A few hand shakes later and Troop 125 was created! The founders saw wisdom in the methods of Scouting and firmly believed that youth should lead youth; guided by dedicated adult volunteers, while engaging in a high quality program carried out in the great outdoors; all centered around one simple word: FUN! These 5 core values still define each and every one of our programs actions today.



Our experienced youth leaders plan and run the program and operations of Troop 125 by leading the other scouts.

#1 Youth Led


Our Volunteer adults ascribe to our youth led principles and train, support and guide our junior leaders as they run their troop.

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#2 Dedicated Adults

Scouts is not school- so our advancement is personal and self paced. Opportunities and encouragement are given, but ranks are earned. For more on advancement, visit our Path to Eagle.

#3 Self Guided Advancement

The "outing" of Scouting is essential to our Troop, which is why we have such an active outdoor program. Here's more on our activities and adventures!

#4 Active & Outdoor Based Program

The previous 4 concepts revolve entirely around this one. Our last but certainly not least core value of ‘Fun’ is the focal point of the entire Troop 125 experience.

#5 FUN!