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Path to Eagle


We pride ourselves on the 'Scout Run Method' in all aspects of our program, including advancement; which is why we believe the highest rank in Scouting is an honor and an achievement that must be earned, not guaranteed. Of course, we foster a supportive learning environment and provide ample opportunities to work on advancement, but our Scouts learn to be self motivated and take personal ownership and responsibility of their advancement. This methodology teaches personal initiative, leadership, and sticktoitiveness; which is why our Scouts learn skills for life, not just a patch, and explains why our Eagles soar high above the rest! 

Of course, if advancement isn't your thing and you simply want to enjoy the 125 experience for all of our activities and adventures... Great! Our meetings and outings revolve around FUN, not bookwork (There's enough of that in School) and our stress free environment won't pressure you to advance if you aren't interested. In fact, some of our most successful alumni made that choice, and we will encourage and support either decision.


However, should you have the desire, drive and determination to earn the rank of Eagle Scout along the way... Great! You WILL become a real Eagle, a Troop 125 Eagle!

T.125's  Eagles Nest

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