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Skills for life

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Embodying the 'Youth Led' concept, our veteran scouts serve as the Junior Leaders core who embrace the trust and responsibility bestowed upon them by their peers. They 

receive specialized training to plan and run all T.125 operations. 


Wilderness Survival

As a regular part of our Troop's camping program we train and practice advanced outdoor skills so that our Scouts are always prepared for the unknown.  


Self Confidence

Our youth led program promotes activities and an environment that lead to personal responsibility, individuality,  discipline, and high self-esteem.

Teenagers Cleaning Up the Beach


Our Scouts are encouraged to learn civics; both local, regional and national, to become responsible adults who take pride in their community. We participate in local events and give back by volunteering our services.  

In the Classroom

College & Academics

Our core value of 'self guided advancement' gives individual scouts personal ownership of their achievements and mentally prepares them for collegiate success should they choose to pursue a higher education. 

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Emergency Preparation

Rank requirements and Merit Badges like First Aid, Search & Rescue, Lifesaving, E-Prep and our medical aid scenarios like "disaster night" will give valuable experience for when it matters most. Just ask our Scouts who were the First Responders to this Motorcycle Crash!

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Culinary Skills

While on campouts, each patrol plans their menu, provides and cooks their own meals, and even clean up after.


Cooking is a regular monthly theme where the Scouts practice and hone their culinary abilities culminating in the patrol "cook off" competition.



Scouts are grouped as patrols of 6-10 where they choose a name, flag, yell, and patch that is unique to them.

As a patrol, this group of Scouts participates in all Troop programs and activities where each individual contributes to their team.

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Hobby Development

Troop 125 introduces Scouts to a variety of skills and diverse activities - each with an opportunity to discover and learn new hobbies.

Remote Monitoring

Work & Career

The values instilled in our Scouts prepare them to successfully enter the adult world with confidence. 

Leadership, teamwork and social skills acquired in T.125 assist in future job opportunities, and those who achieve Eagle often have advantages on their Resumes and interviews.

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Scout Skills

Our regular program teaches a variety of indoor and outdoor skills including proper knife and axe use, orienteering, knots, fire building,  and many more. 

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Shooting Sports

Ready, Aim, Fire! 

Shotguns, Air Rifles, black powder, bow and arrows, and more! 

Note: A range master is always present to ensure safety at all times. 

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Health & Wellness

Part of our active program emphasizes the concept of personal fitness, which include diet, physical, social, mental and emotional fitness. 


Honor & Tradition

As a veteran Troop of over 60 years of service, we take pride in recognizing and celebrating our Scouts achievements through in house traditions and various awards to inspire future generations. 

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

Military Service

Our alumni that pursued military careers advanced and enjoyed their service due in part to the skills and preparation from Scouting. Also, "Eagle Scouts who enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces may receive advanced enlisted rank in recognition of their achievements."

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