Who We Are...

Troop 125 is located in Santa Rosa, California. We were established in 1953 when a group of neighbors decided to start a local Boy Scout Troop to service the youth in the area. A few hand shakes later and Troop 125 was created! The founders saw wisdom in the methods of Scouting and firmly believed that youth should lead youth; guided by dedicated adult volunteers, while engaging in a high quality program carried out in the great outdoors; all centered around one simple word: FUN! These 5 core values still define each and every one of our programs actions today.



#1 Youth Led

Our experienced youth leaders plan and run the program and operations of Troop 125 by leading the other scouts.


#2 Dedicated Adults

Our Volunteer adults ascribe to our youth led principles and train, support and guide our junior leaders as they run their troop.

#3 Self Guided Advancement

Scouts is not school- so our advancement is personal and self paced. Opportunities and encouragement are given, but ranks are earned. For more on advancement, visit our Path to Eagle.

#4 Active & Outdoor Program

The "outing" of Scouting is essential to our Troop, which is why we have such an active outdoor program. Here's more on our activities and adventures!

#5 FUN!

The previous 4 concepts revolve entirely around this value. ‘Fun’ is the focal point of the entire Troop 125 experience.