Join T.125

Whether you are transitioning from Cub Scouts,

another Troop, or starting your Scouting career fresh, we may be the perfect fit for you! Just follow steps 1,2,5 to find out!


1) Attend a meeting


Come check us out! The best way to see if any troop is right for you is to see it first hand. Our meetings are every Tuesday from 7-9 pm. We meet at Steele Lane Park in the Summer, and at Santa Rosa Middle School. During your first visit you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our program by participating in the meeting and activities as if you were an active member. Meanwhile, your parents/guardians will watch and get a feel for the program and personality of the troop, and direct their questions to our friendly and knowledgeable adult leaders.



2) Attend another meeting!


Every one of our meetings are different so we highly encourage you to visit more than once. This time, participate again while the Assistant Scoutmasters can further discuss our membership standards, activities, fund raisers, self guided advancement, expectations and the adventure of scouting with your parents or guardians. 

Did you have fun? Does our Troop feel right for you? If so...

5) Decide to join


Only join a Troop that is the right fit and because you want to! If you make the commitment to your future by choosing us, your parents/guardian will sign a medical release, program consent and BSA registration form, and pay the annual Troop dues of $125. After final approval by the Scoutmaster, you will attend a "signing ceremony" where you will receive a Troop hat, patch, neckerchief, slide, and book.  


Congratulations!, you are now officially 125!